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Bumper Options

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I have a 1998 Astro I bought last year, and have been perpetually bothered by the bumpers, mostly for aesthetic reasons. I've done some searches on here and haven't had a lot of luck finding good threads demonstrating what I'm looking for, but maybe I'm just not digging deep enough.

I was initially desiring giving the van a more classic look with some G20 style chrome bumpers. I don't like how low the stock front goes, I'd love something that gives a little more ground clearance and I just like the way the chrome, older-style one's look on those vans, but I can't find a manufacturer or even many examples of them. I'm wondering if there's something prohibitive about how these are designed mounted? Or maybe something else that exists that might be just as flattering

I equally don't like the rear bumper. It's the plastic looking foot-step, plus mine is sagging on one side and it makes me feel sad. I also really need to add a Tow Hitch so was looking at options to remove the existing bumper and replace it with something sturdy and with a integrated hitch that keeps the ground clearance high. I've shopped around a bit but wanted to see if anyone had any recc's.

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas or a direction for me to go.
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1st gen bumpers did come in chrome and would possibly fit heres one that is painted for example 86- 90 Astro Front Bumper | eBay
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