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Buying parts off Ebay

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I've been looking at parts on Ebay, like tail lights/headlights, cold air intakes, grilles, etc. I stopped at a truck accessories store today and was surprised at how much more the prices were. I've seen tail lights on Ebay for $40. and he's telling me $140. He said that the cheap ones the lenses fall off or get moisture inside.
The air intakes are $20. on Ebay and $250. in his shop. Aren't they just an alum. pipe with some clamps and a filter?
Is there that big of a difference in quailty?

I don't want to buy junk but I'm on a pretty tight budget.
Anyone have any horror stories from Ebay parts?
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i sell custom graphics in my shop and on ebay, theres a big difference on price to be competitive on ebay, in a retail location, your typically looking to make a larger profit because having to deal with customers, phones, insurance, etc. I can cut my costs in half by selling on ebay versus my shop. The bottom $$$ on my end might be smaller but my profit margin is much much higher. My thoughts! :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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