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Buying parts off Ebay

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I've been looking at parts on Ebay, like tail lights/headlights, cold air intakes, grilles, etc. I stopped at a truck accessories store today and was surprised at how much more the prices were. I've seen tail lights on Ebay for $40. and he's telling me $140. He said that the cheap ones the lenses fall off or get moisture inside.
The air intakes are $20. on Ebay and $250. in his shop. Aren't they just an alum. pipe with some clamps and a filter?
Is there that big of a difference in quailty?

I don't want to buy junk but I'm on a pretty tight budget.
Anyone have any horror stories from Ebay parts?
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I can't say on the taillights but I have bought a couple of air intake kits off e-bay. Just watch the feedback of your seller. Look to see what other buyers have to say about them. There isn't much to an air intake on my van. 1996. Just the aluminum tube, filter and a homemade bracket to hold it still. I found my tube and filter at a local flea-market for $20. I shortened the tube a little and it fits fine. I know what you mean about money being tight. I would like to have had a Volant cold air intake but I couldn't afford it. Hope the info helps.
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