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Buying parts off Ebay

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I've been looking at parts on Ebay, like tail lights/headlights, cold air intakes, grilles, etc. I stopped at a truck accessories store today and was surprised at how much more the prices were. I've seen tail lights on Ebay for $40. and he's telling me $140. He said that the cheap ones the lenses fall off or get moisture inside.
The air intakes are $20. on Ebay and $250. in his shop. Aren't they just an alum. pipe with some clamps and a filter?
Is there that big of a difference in quailty?

I don't want to buy junk but I'm on a pretty tight budget.
Anyone have any horror stories from Ebay parts?
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Ever part that ive bought off eBay has worked fine. Ive never bought any taillights though. and like tnhillbilly said, look at the sellers feedback, i avoid anyone under 98%. And another thing to keep in mind is the shipping costs. A lot of sellers list there products low so that you think there cheap, but then add more to the shipping price. And one last thing that i highly recommend, if you do decide to buy off ebay, make sure you use paypal! that way you know your covered, if you don't receive your item you'll most likely get your money back. Happened to me 3 times!!
Here are some parts:
Cold Air (about $30 shipped): ... 240%3A1318

Heres how it could sound:

Grille(about $60 shipped): ... 240%3A1318

hope that helps a bit
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