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I have a 2002 Chevrolet Astro that has had the Brake and ABS light illuminated for quite some time. I really want to get it taken care of. My suspicion is that it is the EBCM module itself. I have reflowed the ECBM and the only code I get now is C0245. Prior to reflowing, there were multiple codes, including a right front wheel speed sensor code. All of these disappeared after reflowing. Haven't been able to find out much about the C0245 code other than my code reader says its an ECBM code. Some sites I've read suggest it may indicate an erratic wheel spend sensor signal.

Here's what I've done.
  1. I've replaced front bearings on both sides front of van.
  2. I've pulled ECBM and reflowed solder points inside module
  3. I pulled ECBM a second and reflowed solder points again to make sure I got them all
  4. I tested wheel speed sensor cables to make sure they had power at the wheels. Each had 8.5 volts
  5. I tested front wheel speed sensors for resistance and signal. Each produced between 0.8-1 volt when spinning and 900-1200 ohms resistance
I really think the speeds sensors are ok. When I replaced the wheel bearings, I cleaned the sensor up and noticed no damage.

So, is it safe to say at this point that it's probably the ECBM? Anyone got any ideas?

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