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Cad Modeling project - Radiator Core Support ??

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Everyone knows about the wonderful radiator core support issue. I am wondering if anyone would be Willing/Able to model up the lower section to develop a template where these could be cut out of sheet material and welded together?

It would greatly ease trying to source good parts.
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So... I'm a cad genius, architect, and I am in need of core I'll do a drawing model up this morning, post it here and see if we can't get some traction on this item. I am thinking 1/4 inch plate that spans the whole RCS. Upward bend at the front to cradle, shaped like a stretched out handle bar. Similar to how jeeps insert rocker supports on their rusted out bodies, capturing the body mounts. I'll do a sketch and see what this community thinks. If we can get this done, astro/safari could live forever, like jeeps do.
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NoQuarter, do you have the dimensions for these? Or would you be interested in fabbing those again and sending to me? I pay all costs, I'm in need. -Chris(VannyD)
NoQuater...Nice rebuild. Simple.

Onthewater...Based on NoQuaters measurement the end angles of the top tube are 125/55. But as he suggest in his last pic, that angle wont clear the AC on the down tubes. I am following this post closely and am hoping to see the rest of the dims figured that I can have it made for Vanny. I have attached a current photo of my RCS.


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Can you email me a copy in CAD format. Greatly appreciated. [email protected]

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