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Camping-Conversion vs. Passanger Van

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Can someone give me the pros and cons of converting a conversion van (high top, leather seats, TV, etc.) vs. a low roof passenger style van? I may want to install a roof air conditioner, if that makes a difference between the two choices.
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I did just what you are proposing on my 2002 AWD. We do not use it for camping, but we did have an RV toilet put in it. We needed the head room to move around and get to the back of the van. We are flyfishers and we often go pretty far off the beaten path to get to a good stream. My wife is at an age where she does not relish the idea of finding the nearest tree. It also simplifies the carry out what you bring in idea. If nature calls you don't have to dig or carry out, you just flush and go on your way. I haven't had any problems with parking except in our own garage. The Astro is about 1/2 inch too tall to get through the door, though there would be plenty of room inside if we could get it through the door. So that's my two cents worth. Somewhere on the site is a picture of my van. search for the "fishing van". Hopes this helps?
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