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Can I swap a Nv236 into a 99 astro AWD?

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Forgive me. I don’t know a lot about this topic, but I want to learn.
I have a ‘99 astro AWD that I’m turning into an adventure van. I like the awd capability, but when I’m on the highway, it would be nice to be able to just run in 2wd .
It so happens that I also have an ‘02 Blazer with the 4 button 4wd controls (I’m told that means it’s a 236 transfer case). The Blazer is destined for the junkyard. I was wondering if, before I send it off, I could swap my awd case for the 236 case.
I keep seeing things about encoders, etc, which is confusing me. Electrical stuff isn’t my strong suit. I don’t really care about the auto 4wd feature and just want to put in a manual shifter to put it into 4hi/lo. Is this possible? Does anyone know if the spline count will match up?
Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to wrap my head around all this.
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