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capping off rear ac

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Ok here is a problem i have and something i wanna do to fix it. i have a leak in my a/c and i think its coming from the hose that comes from the drivers side firewall to the unit behind the drivers seat. i was thinking of just capping it off somewhere. i do not plan on using the rear a/c at all so i just wanna do away with it, but instead of just ripping everything out i thought capping the line somewhere would be the best solution. please give me guidance on this subject :bow: "oh powerful Astro/Safari wise men or women". :bow:
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I had a leak in my hose last year and I was able to cut out the bad piece, put a nipple in, and clamp to put them together again. It only took about 20 minutes and there was plenty of space to work down there. In my case the hardest part was getting past the running boards because I have a conversion so I had to jack up the drivers side of the vehicle. Good Luck
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