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CB or FM?

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Nope, not a radio Question...
Put simply, Cherry Bomb Glasspacks, or some kind of Flowmasters?

Glasspacks are definately cheaper, which is a concern for me, but upon visiting the Flowmaster website, I found that "Flowmaster's better than straight thru!"

Just curious what y'all would choose, I'm still using the stock 4.3L V6.

- Thanks!
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My brother ran Flowmasters on his motorhome and he found he had to choose between a set that performed well and was too loud or a set that was quiet enough but hurt performance and mpg.

My suggestion would be to try some Walker Dynomax Turbo mufflers. I've seen some flow bench tests that show they also flow very well and don't cost nearly as much as the Flowmasters.
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