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CB or FM?

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Nope, not a radio Question...
Put simply, Cherry Bomb Glasspacks, or some kind of Flowmasters?

Glasspacks are definately cheaper, which is a concern for me, but upon visiting the Flowmaster website, I found that "Flowmaster's better than straight thru!"

Just curious what y'all would choose, I'm still using the stock 4.3L V6.

- Thanks!
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I have a 2.5 inch Cherry Bomb Turbo style muffler on my 95 AWD 4.3 .
It dumps out right before the back wheel . It sounds awesome, but not overpoweringly loud, unless your the poor slob I'm passing by as I blast up hill 60, lol.
I have a 2.5 inch Cherry Bomb Glasspack on my 87 4.3. It sounds awesome too, but much louder in comparisson to the turbo style.
Hard for me to compare performance or fuel consumption though between a 95 awd vortec, and a 87 2wd Vin z,
except to say that my little 87 gets way better mileage than my great big AWD 95, but of course!
I can say I'm dissapointed with the durability of the Cherry Bomb Turbo which has all rolled seams. its only a coulple years old and its starting to come aprt and swell at the seams and rattle where the pipe comes out. The welded body mufflers are way better. My glasspack is fine so far. ... %20024.jpg
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