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certificate of conformity

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hello i have an astro and want to reregister it in france from the UK but need a certificate of conformity for europe anyone know where i can get one
been to the chevy dealers but they just looked blank and said they dont sell astro,s
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You can only get a certifcate of conformity from the manufacturer so looks like it we need an sva, this might not be any use to you as your taking it to france but here goes.

I wish to import a vehicle from Southern Ireland what should I do?

Unless you are in possession of a European Certificate of Conformity you will need to go through the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) or Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) scheme, depending on vehicle type. The Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) are responsible for these schemes, more information is available at: ... /index.htm.

I have a right hand drive vehicle that does not have a Certificate of Conformity, what should I do?

You should contact the manufacturer to see if it is possible to obtain a European Certificate of Conformity (CoC), or, depending on the age and vehicle category, a PMAC number or TAC approval certificate.
If you are unable to obtain either of these documents, please contact VOSA and ask about the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) scheme. Enquiries about SVA can be made on the following number: 0300 123 9000
If you are able to obtain a TAC certificate or duplicate CoC - and the vehicle is full UK specification (this will be confirmed on the CoC), check with DVLA that they can accept the document.
If you receive a PMAC number, please phone VCA on 0117 952 4191 to discuss the paperwork requirements and payment required to obtain a duplicate sub-mac certificate (follow this link to download a Duplicate Submac application form)

What are the most common problems I am likely to encounter when trying to import a vehicle?

If your vehicle is left hand drive, it will need to be modified for use in the UK since we drive on the other side of the road to the Continent. This is likely to include; changing the headlamps for ones designed for use in Great Britain, the fitting of a rear fog lamp on the off-side (right hand side) of the vehicle, modification of the speedometer with a new face to include miles-per-hour markings. For vehicles from North America the lighting will need some modifications since different coloured lights to Europe are often used. If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, then the above modifications will need to be performed either as part of the Mutual Recognition process (see above) or before the vehicle undergoes SVA testing (see below), as applicable. If the vehicle is more than 10 years old the modifications are needed before the vehicle undergoes the MOT.

Where can I find information on importing a vehicle into Great Britain and registering it?

Essential information is contained on the website as follows: ... icle/fs/en

For further detailed information, see the DfT website for booklets on How to Import a Vehicle into Great Britain (PI5) and the Single Vehicle Approval scheme (SVA), these are available at the following link: ... sapproval/

I wish to import my car into the UK, however it does not have a catalytic converter and cannot be fitted with one. Am I likely to encounter problems when trying to register it in the UK?

If the car has not been built to British or European standards, and it is less than 10 years old, it must be submitted for the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test run by the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency
(VOSA). Further information about this scheme is available using this link: ... DG_4022105

Where can I obtain a Customs/VAT form?

Unfortunately, VCA cannot provide you with one. Try your local Customs and Excise number, in your local directory or visit their web site at (links to another site).

Will my imported vehicle need Single Vehicle Approval (SVA)?

* If you have a valid European Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer, or other type approval Certificate, then SVA is not needed. Likewise if a car or light truck is over 10 years old it will not need an SVA, since an MOT certificate is sufficient to register the vehicle. If you cannot obtain a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer, as is generally the case when importing a vehicle from anywhere outside the European Community such as Japan, and the vehicle is younger than 10 years old, then yes you will need SVA. The Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) will perform the SVA inspection and can be consulted if you require more details of what is inspected. The following link will provide more information on SVA: ... DG_4022105

Where can I find a type approval certificate/Certificate Of Conformity?

If one is available for your vehicle, it is the manufacturer who will supply this. The Government does not hold copies. Contact the UK importer or agent of the manufacturer if he is based overseas. The address should be available on the internet. If the manufacturer cannot supply a certificate they may be able to provide a 'Commission Notice' letter in which case an application can be made to the VCA for "Mutual Recognition" (note however that this only applies to vehicles previously registered in another EC member state). If neither can be obtained then you will need Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) from VOSA (see above).
Please note that "Mutual Recognition" only applies to vehicles being brought into the UK. VCA are not able to provide assistance in registration of vehicles outside of the UK.

Where can I find information on importing left hand drive vehicles?

If you have a type approval certificate/a Certificate of Conformity for the vehicle or your car is currently registered in another EU Member State, contact VCA as follows:
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Its all about the money, plus the sva is a pain in the *** to get through and everytime it fails its another £70 if i remember correctly.
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