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Changed thermostat and now won't start

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I just changed the thermostat on my 1997 Astro van and now it won"t start. Started fine immediately prior to thermostat replacement. All I get now when I turn the key is a single click and then nothing. Checked the battery and it is fine. Any ideas?
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Was there a ground attached to one of the bolts holding the gooseneck on?

Was there any other wires that you disconnected while you were changing the thermostat?

Did you spill any coolant while changing the thermostat?

Any chance that a tool hit the back of the alternator?
Did you clean the ground connection before you reattached it?

I asked about anything hitting the alternator because of the hot cable that is mounted to the back of the alternator. If you were to drop a tool back there and get that lovely 'arc', you could blow one of the fusible links going to the starter.

I would put a remote trigger on the starter and see if you can get it to turn over that way. If it turns over, then one of the fusible links popped.
Just glad we could help.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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