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Chevy Astro Gen 2(1995) part compatibility with newer years

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Hey there folks,

My son was gifted a 1995 AWD Astro LT, that. Needs. A. Lot. Of. Work. It runs strong and drives OK but the exterior has some damaged parts that need replacing.

As a parent, I wanted to just say no, but this rig is his dream and I figured there would be a lot of lessons learned from the experience, so, in the driveway it sits.

Both side view mirrors are missing glass (and I'm not sure if the electric adjust works, it needs front and rear bumper covers, a new grill, passenger and sliding door handles, and likely some of the sliding door rollers. It also needs a new passenger window.

We live pretty far from an major metro area but a 1999 Astro popped up at a pick a part yard last week and I'm thinking of driving the hour each way to pull what I can. I'm a little confused because some parts are 1995-05 and some are 1999-05. I'm wondering what I can take to replace.

I have no idea what yards charge for this stuff but I was thinking of getting whatever I can and hauling it home.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. I'll be xposting in interior for some specific advice on the interior that needs a lot of work too.
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Thanks for the info all I appreciate the input. I was able to pull some parts that we definitely needed and some parts we probably need from the '99 in the yard. Got a rear bumper cover, rear wiper arm, all the sliding door brackets and passenger side glass plus a little interior trim + 2x Dutch door solenoids (unknown if they work).

We still need a front bumper cover and grill. Probably need to replace all the door handles too (they feel like a spring inside is not doing its job well) but that's a project for another trip to the yard. I was inclined to take the whole sliding door but didn't🤣
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