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chop requests

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I was wondering a few things. or actually asking a favor. could somebody chop the van:
-with black where the gold is
-lowered 2.5(front)/3.5(rear) inches (approx)
-tinted fronts
-the rims off of this vette:

all onto this van:

thanks very much to who ever is this generous!! :)
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very nice!! :D

anybody able to do tints and paint the lower half!?
AstroAustin said:
I love doing Photochops, but I must warn you... I tend to slam the hell out of them.

You may notice a few things shaved, tinted, chopped, and resized too. :banana:
oooooo, i meant to say de-badge too! thanks!! :dance: could you do some paint?? :clap:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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