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City light wiring & battery terminal

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Hey guys i just bought a set of HIDs for my 91 and had a couple questions to ask. First i wanted to know, the headlight housing that i bought has a blue city light, does anyone know how to wire this up? Also and i want to know if there is something that i can attach to the side terminal of my battery so i can add accessories.

Thanks in advance!
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ghostrider1061 said:
when i needed a batt. with hook-up options i got a batt. with both top and side post conns. that way it is easy to hook-up other items that need 12v. :2:
Thats a great idea. Ill keep that in mind next time i need a battery!
I bought one of those accessory terminals and it worked great!
I installed the hids yesterday, hooked everything up and it works, the only thing im trying to figure out now is why they wont turn on while the car is running?? Does anyone know why?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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