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I don't know who thought that this software was even remotely worth using. They could have built the site using HTML5 and made it look exactly like the old site - this design is crap and whoever created it should be fired. Team Chevelle was also ruined with this garbage, along with several other sites. VerticalScope should never have been allowed to purchase all of these websites - they suck now. I had to get that off of my chest.
Not surprisingly... the thread got Locked not long after you posted this.

Most of us hate the new format, old and new and young alike.
The mods are users and old time Vanners and also do not like it...

But it is all we got.
Or should I say, "it's all I got".

Good Luck

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I'm kind of glad this got revived.
One of the things that seemed to be in issue was the signature lines being cut off.
Now, I'm usually the last one to figure anything out,
but in case there's anybody behind me on this, here's the situation:
On the right hand side of the sig section there's a little arrow pointing down.
Clicking on it expands it to it's full size.
There's also a setting in "Preferences" that automatically expands them for you.
Collapsed is the default setting.
You can also disable signatures so your screen is less cluttered.
There are some cool features, but overall I hate the new format.

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Heya all,

This new layout is here to stay and we have made over 140 weekly release updates to it since the initial rollout.

You can keep track of additional updates here under Help > Release Notes or check out our User FAQ if you have any questions.


jeff, 140 release updates is not something to be proud just validates the user negativity.
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