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:ugeek: A topic for the geeks/nerds/733t/h4x0rs out there! :geek:

Show off your computer!

I have several computers/servers but this one is my desktop workstation.
  • Antec case[/*]
  • Pentium 4 - 3 Ghz cpu[/*]
  • ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe mainboard[/*]
  • 2 GB Crucial DDR ram[/*]
  • Two 80GB Western Digital Raptors 10k rpm SATA hard drives in RAID 0 config[/*]
  • Swiftech H20-220 Apex™ Ultra liquid cooling [/*]
  • NEC DVD-burner[/*]


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These are my 3 computers. I use all three of them every day. Sorry I have no current pictures of any of these. I'll take some if there is any interest.

Case:Thermaltake Aluminum Shark
Motherboard:Intel 955XBK
Processor:Intel D840 3.2 GHZ Extreme Edition
Memory :2GB Corsair DDR2 667mhz
Video Card:MSI Nvidia 6600 Pci-e
DVD Burners:1 plextor SATA 16x DL, 1 Samsung 20x DL
Floppy:Silver Mitsummi
Hard Drive:WD 74GB Raptor
Hard Drive:2x Seagate 750GB (mirrored)
Monitor:Viewsonic VX922
Headset:3Dimensional Audio FX gamer
Mousepad:Xtrac Hybrid Mouse pad
Mouse:Razer Diamondback
Keyboard:Logitech G15

I used 2 have a 22" wide envision in addition to my 19" x-treme gamer viewsonic. The picture was so much better on the viewsonic, that I couldnt look at the 2 next to eachother. Envision(AOC) used to make good monitors, I dont know where the quality went.


Model: Panasonic Toughbook CF-50
speed: Pentium M 1.4ghz
specs: WD 80GB Scorpio, Kingston 640mb, Dlink DWL-G650+

Carputer - Located in Astro Van

Case:Antec Aria
Motherboard:Intel D201GLY with integrated Celeron 1.3GHZ
Memory: 1GB DDR2 667
DVD Burner: Samsung 20x DL
Hard Drive:Samsung 80GB 2.5"
Power Supply:M2-ATX HV
Touchscreen:Xenarc MDT-X7000
Sound Card:Audigy2 SB0240
Satelite Radio: Sirius
Wireless:USB Linksys USB54G
OBDII:ScanGuage II
GPS:Garmin GPS USB 18
Radio Tuner:Xenarc MDT-X7000's built-in
Front End:Road Runner w/ Digital FX 2.0


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I thought that was a joke at first!! I've never seen/heard of a liquid cooled computer... You must've built that yourself. Where does one buy that stuff like that??

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dumb lady said:
I thought that was a joke at first!! I've never seen/heard of a liquid cooled computer... You must've built that yourself. Where does one buy that stuff like that??
Last week I would have thought it was a joke but I heard the Computer geek at work saying we need a liquid cooled computers for the part of the machine shop i work in since its located near the ovens...

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When I break the LAN down I'll try to get a few pics before I pack it up. I have a little of everything here, and it will be a major rebuild effor when I move honestly. My buddy had a pre-made water cooling kit for his computer, they are great if you need extended capacities for running a system beyond it's specifications.

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OK, finally got the LAN broken down. Here's a buncha pics.

Left:Dual P166, 240mb RAM. Lightning fast Trio64 video, and a 10/100 NIC Slackware equipped. Dedicated IRC machine.
Right:My main work station. Athlon 2500+, 512 RAM, Radeon 9600 Pro, no creative sound card (seem to have a problem with them crapping out) despite the live drive. DVD R/W, CD-RW.

My trio of 19 inch monitors; didn't spend a dime on em, Viewsonic has a slight burn on it but not bad, the middle one needs a few capacitors in it but works and the last one was a freebie that I do not know why they got rid of it. DUMPSTERDIVING RULES!!!!!

right:my LAN file server, ~.38 TB, DVD drive and CD-RW. Slackware Linux and a 4gb drive for the operating system. Rage 128 Pro, XP 2600+ and 512 RAM. Left:IBM PC Server 320 case, future mod victim.
Midle:Cabletron 10/100 switch 24 port.
Top:p3 600, 64 RAM 4gb drive and 3 NICs. OpenMOSIX computer in the future, at least that's the plan. Slackware Linux installed

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yea i dont like macs either, if you all know a little about electronic devices you might know where im coming from when i make this comparison= mac is like a palm...very user friendly....impossible to upgrade and no one likes to make programs for them lol.

anywho hers the specs for my main computer

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
2.5Gigs DDR2 800mhz (gskill)
7600GT XXX Edition (not overclocked)
1x SATA 160GB 3GB/s Seagate Drive (VERY FAST!!)
1x IDE Western Digital 200GB (VERY SLOW)
Biostarr 690G AMD Chipset Motherboard with a 1300XTX GPU onbaord with HDMI Output
One CD/DRIVE and burner nothing special
1GB/s INtel Network Card
SB Audugy SE 2
Wintv HD capture Card

i can get some pictures of my mATX case too here soon

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Mine is jsut a simple acer bought it built about 3 months after i turned 18,
My main gaming computer is my PS3 yes i consider it a computer more then a console. I use it for everything including this site. feels good to be able to sit on the couch and see astro safari on the 32inch lcd tv.

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saskvan said:
we have a apple e mac thats about 3 years old and time for a good cleaning, does any one know any thing about mac computers?????
The eMac can be a pain in the butt to get apart and especially difficult to get back together. Your best bet is to use a can of compressed air to blow the gunk out of it. I've had a couple of those and they're dependable, although the CRT is prone to crapping out.

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Aaaand while I'm at it here's my setup. I use macs, but I'm not one of those rampant fanboys that insult PC users... I've had my fair share of both, so if anyone has any Mac questions feel free to shoot a PM my way.

Mac Mini
1.42GHz PPC
1GB ram
CD-RW/DVD internal
DVD ±R-RW external in buslink case
60/80GB external storage drives in Acomdata MiniPal cases
Acer AL2016W 20" widescreen LCD
OSX 10.4

2.2GHz Intel
2GB ram
120GB partitioned into 100/20GB (MacOS, Windows XP respectively)
OS 10.5, Windows XP Pro

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Thought I'd add mine, as well.

Mac Mini
1.83 Core 2 Duo
120 GB HD
AirPort Extreme (802.11g)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
10/100/1000 ethernet
OS X 10.5.5
19" widescreen Samsung LCD
Plus a 20x lightscribe dual-layer DVD burner external and a few hard drives in firewire 400 cases w/Oxford chipsets. Oh, and I have XP SP3 running under Sun's VirtualBox (for those occasions I have to troubleshoot someone's winbox).

Apple 12" iBook G4/1.2 GHz
1.25 GB RAM
100 GB HD
AirPort Extreme (802.11g)
Bluetooth 1.1
10/100 ethernet
OS X 10.4.11

2nd gen iPod Touch
Apple AirPort Extreme (again 802.11g) basestation with an 8-port gigabit switch attached, extended by 2 AirPort Expresses (802.11g) that are also attached to 2 stereos in the house for streaming iTunes to real speakers, spread around both in and out of the house.

The bf has a 1.83 CD mini w/an Acer 19" widescreen LCD, the bf's daughter a 1.5 GHz G4 mini w/a Westinghouse 17" widescreen LCD and I've got an old G3/350 with a (huge!) 15" LCD that's just a test machine.

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OK folks time for an updated image:

left stack bottom to top:Cisco 5000 series switch (2X switched 10/100 blades and 2 24 port 10/100 blades and a supervisor I) 2XPentium 4 servers, 3 Cisco 2501s and 1 2514, and topped off with Pentium 4s.

right stack:IBM dual Xeon 2.8 ghz server w/3GB RAM, a few P4s followed by a Compaq dual Xeon 2.8ghz with 2gb RAM, and an Athlon XP 2600+ on the top.

Black desktop:Athlon64 3200+
beige desktop:Athlon XP 2500+

to the far right (by the fiance's chair) Cisco 2924 10/100 24 port switch
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