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Coolant/Heater Hoses Help

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Hi there. Over the weekend, the radiator fan shredded up one of my coolant hoses! I'm having trouble finding exactly what hoses i need to get. (replacing a few as they are all old)
Could you guys help me identify what hoses these are or what generic hoses would fit?
Also, do any of these need a bracket so this doesn't happen again? What bracket would I use for the yellow hose? Thank you!
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Someone obviously removed the upper fan shroud and never replaced it.
I did have a mechanic install a new heater control valve a couple months ago. They would have been the last ones to handle that hose......(this just dawned on me as I'm writing the last paragraph!)
I thought there maybe was a bracket missing. It didn't even occur to me that my mechanic installed this wrong on the last repair!
Sure sounds like the last mechanic is to blame. Good reason to do your own work if at all possible. Personally I am better if I mess something up than if I paid someone else and they messed it up. :)
I try to here and there. But sometimes I don't have the time or knowledge. Hoping my mechanic will fix this for free :)
They should if it was recent.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts