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Coolant on passenger floor board

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Read several posts here about this and was able to diagnose (and confirm with a the mechanic) that it is the heater core. This happened after I just replaced the water pump. Driving down the road and the heat gave out, engine temp spiked, then I noticed coolant on the floor board. Also with the heat on I noticed a sweet smell.

I’m assuming it was the new pump that added pressure and or cleared out some clogs that damaged the heater core? anything else I should be concerned about or looking into?

I picked up a new one and am planning to replace it this weekend with a friend who is a mechanic. I have another friend who is buying the vehicle from me next week so she can live in the road as I have this past year. I just want to make sure I’ve checked through all I can before sending her on her way. Any thoughts?

Also I wanted to say thank you all so much. I’m so grateful for folks in this forum who actually know what they’re talking about! This community has always been so responsive, patient and supportive. I bet she’ll be in here posting about Lil Beep Beep at some point :)
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Don't even think about replacing the hoses without replacing the heater control valve. They are cheap and will break if you look at them too hard. Though at this point, if you haven't replaced the radiator yet, I would do that while I have the system drained.
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