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couple more question's

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well i have a 94 awd and want to put 18' or 20's on it and lower it as much as i can with just the torsion bars in front and the added weight that will be in the back ( I might have to add air bags to the rear for the weight) anyways I'm leaning more towards the 18's just because it will be lower to the ground to start. what off set do i need to keep the wheels tucked under the fender's and where can i find adaptors because all the wheels i like dont come in the 5on5 pattern. well i geuss that i need two different offset's now just incase I find something in my bolt pattern. thanx
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Hi stevew
I'm sure someone will answer the question if they can. The adapters will have to be taken into consideration with the offset
as well. :)
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