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crankshaft position sensor replacement

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After some searching on some trouble codes I would get sometimes ( cyl 2 misfire), I read about the crank pos sensor and how the lack of shim on installation might cause timing signal issues etc etc.

was doing some other engine work and so i got a shim and a new sensor to replace at the same time. Pulled the old sensor, and while the sensor itself looked clean, no score marks or anything, there was a more troubling find...

The single small fastener (8mm hex head) was torqued down, but would just spin and not thread outward... using a flat blade screwdriver I was able to pry the sensor and the bracket away from the van... and I found this brass insert on the engine side of the fastener.

wtf? theres no way this can be proper...
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It belongs and comes in that hole, from the factory. Replace timing cover, or, clean and epoxy it back in.If you have doubts, clean the cover around the sensor, and glue it in with a glue gun. There are good glue guns, and many different types of feed sticks for them.
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