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Crusty the 04 astro

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Well I figured its time to to a build thread on Crusty. Its a 04 astro 2wd. I picked it up wrecked pretty hard up front. I've done a bunch of work to it since I've gotten it and its been a great daily driver so far.

First was fixing the front end damage, I have a 99 safari cargo for parts and been stripping it as needed. I've pulled the radiator support back into place for the most part and bolted the cargo front end on. Simple enough there.

Radiator was busted in the wreck along with AC compressor and master cylinder. Replaced water pump and belt while the system was drained of coolant. I had a AC compressor laying around to replace the locked up one and its just used as a idler pulley for now. Ill go through the HVAC one day soon. Master cylinder was stolen off the safari.

So 1st day driving it and trans loses 3rd. 343,400 miles so it was expected. Pulled it and 3-4 clutch pack was burnt as they all do. Found major scarring on the input shaft so left it alone for now. Ill come back to it one day when I order some hard parts. I have a soft kit on hand but need more than that. Pulled the trans out the safari and its been doing great. I've put almost 1k miles since the swap.

Did the usual tune up when getting a new used vehicle. Then here comes engine trouble.. Well kinda, had a p0507 code Since I got it and it was sketch to drive idling at 1200 rpm. Everything looked great, fuel trims rock solid. No indication off a vacuum leak. Not rich or lean. I was puzzled so just started pulling it apart. I found someone glued a piece of plastic to the throttle body to hold it open and idle it up. Its now rock solid 600ish. Needs motor mounts but that'll be another day.

I'll post pics when I get my phone back from my 2 year old. I will be adding updates as I have time.
Were just getting started.
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Sounds like an amazing project.
Hope you do good in it.
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