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Dead Dash After Unrelated Repairs

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Hi All,

My van (a '98 AWD Astro) has been down for some time now while I replaced the transmission, fuel injection spider, and lower intake manifold during what little free time I have. I finally got it buttoned back up last night and went to give it a first start. Not only did it crank but not start, it wouldn't stop cranking. I completely removed the key from the ignition but ended up having to run into the garage for an 8mm wrench and disconnect the battery.

The battery was pretty low after that so I brought it in to charge overnight and tried again just now. Now I have dome lights and the door chime but seemingly no power at all to the dash (no warning lights, ODO/PRNDL screen not illuminated/etc) and turning the key to the start position does nothing but reset the radio. What on earth could I have messed up, here? My multimeter is loaned to a friend but a quick visual inspection doesn't show any burned fuses.

I'm stumped and searched the forum without coming up with anything similar. Where would you all start as far as diagnostics/troubleshooting?

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What is a zero voltage reset. Not sure what you are resetting or how it is done.?
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