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Dealer replaced driver door handle but it doesn't latch properly

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Before I bought my 2003 LS (it was a one owner 110K dealer trade-in) the dealership replaced the driver's door handle. I had to wait several days before the dealership could get the original GM part. Unfortunately, the latch on the door is apparently too high, which causes problems with shutting and locking the door, and prevents the solenoid from latching or unlatching the lock. It's also very difficult to manually lock the door, since my fob locks every door but the driver's.

Got my Harbor Fright panel removal tools, but my door might also be a little low. I tried the old 2x4 lift trick, which didn't fix it. Can the door latch be moved up or down if the screws on the door edge are loosened?

I'm in Portland OR until after Thanksgiving, and I'm wondering if there are any Portland area folks on this forum that might be able to provide some advice before I pop the panel, or if there's a Portland body shop that could help me without charging me a fortune. I replaced numerous door solenoids back when I drove Astros and Safaris as taxis because of SE Alaska's freeze and thaw winters meant that they would get frozen and burn out about once a month, so I also bought a pop riveter, just in case. The guys at O'Schmuck's joked with all Astro owners returning solenioids that were under warranty, but it's been 8 years since I've messed with door latch stuff.
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The striker pin is adjustable with a T-50 torx bit.
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