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"Delilah" my terrestrial space ship....

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Six years after buying her and joining the forum I am finally starting a build thread.
(Can't rush these things)....


Most of her nearly 250,000 miles are mine... several trips back and forth between Florida and California (including last years 9,500 round the country trip). Mostly just a cot or an air mattress in the back.


I am taking a trip down to Joshua Tree and Death Valley this week... that and helping a friend find an Astro (which he is planning an awesome build for) I felt inspired to get some kind of sleeping platform with some gear stowage under it.

This is what I did today;


I have an Engle fridge (great little unit... real fridge, runs on AC or DC.. only draws 2.3a when the compressor is on. So I made a 6' platform behind the first 2 feet of floor the Engle sits on. I think I like it as I can still get into the van without pulling a muscle. :dance:


I left it open in the back with spaces dedicated to my "$30 Camping Awning", and 4 storage boxes.


The space behind the platform is for bicycle wheels, and on this trip it will be for carrying a few water jugs.

I also made a drawer that is 20" wide to stow my tools... My plan was to get as much of the heavy stuff out of the roof top carrier.


I bought a keyed latch for the drawer...



I'll glue down the carpet later, for now I think it is going to work out for me.
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Really like the interior setup and new spring stance! Good looking van! I have the POS version of yours color wise
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Its not often you see a safari needle pegged
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