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I hope that I don't get in trouble for cross posting as I posted in" what have you done to your van."

Changed 8 tires, 4 on my wifes suv and 4 on my newest beater. 2000 awd safari. Been noticing a bad vibration lately and between work and play did not investigate until tonite. turns out driverside wheel bearing is shot (at least that's what I think, 1/2 inch or so play when wheel in the air wiggled from top and bottom).

This van also throws check AWD light 1/2 the time. code C0310 motor a/b circuit open. Mechanic says that a/b is for high/low operation, and does not apply to this van. I know this too be wrong or at least I don't have 4wd anyhow sometimes?

Last thing is that when sitting at a red light or just starting out after filling up or stopping. this van is running on 4 cylinders for about 2 seconds then all is good. no codes or lights, but gas milage seems poor; 11 mpg (i just figured out that the overhead console has more info than temperature and direction LOL) Mind you that is at city / rural driving in the hills at 50 kph - I did have that wheel virbation and was staying 5 min from home till I knew /fixed.
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