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Dirt Bikes

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I'd like to share one of my other hobbies/interests. Dirt Biking!
I'm a proud owner of a 2004 Honda CRF250R that I absolutely love. I go riding any chance I can get. I've attached a few photos of my bike after riding last weekend. Oh and that might be a van in the background. ;) It was quite muddy because there was snow that melted but just made it even more fun.

Does anyone else have dirt bikes or ATV's? If so, please share your photos.


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moboman said:
You Lied. Dirt biking isnt one of your interests. You probably borrowed a buddy's dirt bike and put it by your van to look like you had more interests than, "Vans, Exotic Dancers, Beer, Computers".
Haha!! OWNED!!

The only 'biking' I ever do is on a bicycle.
Nice pix Austin! :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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