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It's a 95 W engine. 270k miles. Runs strong but not as smooth as it could. No huge stumbles once warmed up and cold stumbles are more tranny. It's a very good van and engine and I want to make her happy and maybe get a little more oomph and mpg.
Shes a white cargo work van, Her name is Chester.

Are these what I want? They're really cheap for platinum plugs, but they're AC Delco Platinums. That's what I read that the W engines like.

What is the correct gap for these

I also wanted to swap out the stock coil with a new MSD Blaster GM type and some plug wires.

What are some good plug wires to get. Is AC Delco the GM OE for most of this stuff or is there a few diff OE brands.

What about a MSD 6a type CDI ignition on her?
Basically, how good is the stock performance on this machine. I am used to mazda rotaries, not GM's.

I've never even taken off the dog house on her before. I'm kinda anxious to work on her as shes a stout little workhorse. I've become a huge fan of these vans after having my own instead of being passenger :p
Shocks are blown, was looking at the Bilstein HD's and some air bags for towing. I carry around a fair bit of tools and pipe, and would like to use it as a trailer (without most of the tools) as well.

I would really love to be able ot tow a car to the race track with spare tires and bits and have a mobile race van, my van matchs my racecar too :)
Are the Bilsteins good enough for some light to moderate work (trailers about 1000-1400, cars around 2600-2700 with liwuids)
Id def put in the airbags before towing the car around
Oh crap, I'm getting off topic now, hehe.

Alright, thanks guys. Seems like a helpful nice forum so far :ty:
-Ben Martin

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Hi Node

-The plug gap should be listed on the emissions sticker that's located on the radiator support.
-The gap for your year is 0.45 (W motor)
-Platinum's are recommended yes.
-MSD is what I use for the coil (very good product)
- AC Delco is a good name brand for wires to use,yes. I use the 8.5 Mil blaster wires from MSD, they are very reliable and less prone to heat break down due to the extra shielding. They won't clip into the plastic wire holders, but I just tie rap mine.
-I don't recommend the 6a ignition (personally) AC Delco for ignition module is my recommendation here.
-Bilsteins are a good shock, their a bit harder riding than most. The Rancho 5000s might be something to look into for towing.
-Timbren makes a nice load leveling unit for half the price and maintenance of Air Bags(very popular). Timbren Bump Stops(SES 2,000 lbs units) would be something to check into.

Hope this helps.:)

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All of Matrixx's suggestions sound good to me, but I'll throw out another shock for hauling/towing: Monroe load-leveling. About $100 for the pair and they help a ton with heavy loads and with towing.

Also, if you're going to tow a trailer of that weight, I'd look into a weight distribution system. And, of course, you should have a trailer brake system. Look into an additional tranny cooler, too - the B&M SuperCoolers come highly recommended - they have a bypass to limit cooling when it's cooler outside.
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