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Dutch Doors Key? Keyless entry?

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Is the dutch doors key suppose to be the same as my ignition and other doors(I only got one key with my Van)? Mine isn' key works for everything, but the dutch doors lock. The only way I can open the dutch doors is by the hatch pop button. I wanna figure out the key situation before that button ever thinks about taking a crap on me. :p

The key hole isn't corroded shut or anything as I can slide my old style one sided cut door key from my '92 in and out of that key hole.

So, I guess if the dutch doors are suppose to be the same key then looks like I need to get a new key lock or something? :banghead: OK...its not that big of deal. :lol:

Anyone know if my Van doesn't have keyless currently(didn't get a fob with it) can I just get a fob from the dealer or am I sh!t out of luck? :pray: Was it even a option in '96?
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AU0 or AX3 would be on your list if you have keyless entry.

My door key doesn't work in my dutch door, either. I've sprayed lock ease in there and nada. That's something to figure out later 'cause my hatch button does work.

Don't use too much force on the key 'cause you probably will bend it...don't ask me how I know...
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