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Have been running a 305 in my 89 for about 5 months. I have removed the EGR valve and blocked off the intake port but still have the vacuum line and electrical connections connected. I get a EGR code now and would like to know what must be done to stop my "service engine soon" light from coming on. Thanks. :shrug:

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webcat said:
install block off plate
block vac line
unplug electrical connector
if you have a code disconnect your battery for ten minutes
should go away and not come back
worked for me on my 1988 5.7L chevy van
this should work for getting rid of your air invertor too just unplug electrical connector
Humm.Just a point of ref.Everytime I have used a shortcut-found it in the long run created more work,and,or didn't workout very well.

The chip delete burn is the sure way to get-er-done.
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