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EGR pipe

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Working on my 1998 and cleaning up engine compartment and just noticed a braided looking pipe with metal ends that screw into the rear of left exhaust manifold with the other end screwing direct into intake manifold near front with no EGR valve. I've always blocked/removed egr systems on my chevy smallblock engines but I've never seen this..Does this mean exhaust gas is constantly going into intake or am I missing something on these 4.3's ?
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If we're talking about the same pipe, this pipe doesn't bolt into the exhaust manifold it sits into a heat shield around the exhaust manifold (RHS of engine..?)
There is a little "do-da" in the intake that regulates a flap for your air intake. The heat of the exhaust manifold travels up that pipe causes this flap to move, if I recall correct.
Look for something like this part at the rear upper end of the engine block for the EGR.
Duralast EGR Valve EGR1092 (
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