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EGR pipe

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Working on my 1998 and cleaning up engine compartment and just noticed a braided looking pipe with metal ends that screw into the rear of left exhaust manifold with the other end screwing direct into intake manifold near front with no EGR valve. I've always blocked/removed egr systems on my chevy smallblock engines but I've never seen this..Does this mean exhaust gas is constantly going into intake or am I missing something on these 4.3's ?
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I haven't paid much attention to the right side of engine so this may be there. The pipe I'm talking about has a large fitting that screws directly into the top rear of the left cast iron exhaust manifold, the other end has fitting that screws directly into intake at left front behind computer temperature sensor. The pipe itself is over an inch in diameter and is braided material like stuff that seems soft to squeeze like the actual metal tube must be smaller and the outside is some type of insulation..

It doesn't make sense to me to feed unmetered exhaust gases into the intake.
Can you post pictures? What's a "computer temperature sensor"?
Thanks for the info.
I know where to find my EGR valve, but never tried to trace the path of the EGR gases. I'm curious now; I'll take a closer look at my own van when I can.
I was confused, I thought "computer temperature sensor" is a sensor that reads the computer's temperature. 😆😆
(ECT= Engine Coolant Temperature)
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