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Either someone stole relay or going nuts....

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Can you believe this crap! Been working on my 95 Astro AWD that has been plagued with all kinds of wiring issues from some mad butcher. To make a long story short a relay has disappeared from the engine compartment driver side firewall above and left back side of fuse box. I'm positive there was one there 2 weeks again when last working on this bugger. Has 5-6 wires with plug/socket just hanging! Definitely not the fuel pump or oil pump relay that are located on the right side above heater box. Can someone with the same model & year post the relay part number and what it's purpose is? I was suspect on why this friggin thing wouldn't start today, just fire up and die, time after time. I'm hoping this MIA relay is the reason for no start and when the suspect culprit's van from the rural area I live in comes back home I'm sure his *** will be switching the relay. Can you believe :screaming: how stupid crack heads are! One other van in the friggin area besides his and he choses mine. Sorry for venting guys n gals but reality really bites today, especially when I picked him up hitchhiking this morning. LOL.....
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Beyond Hope said:
The vans not shifting and anti lock brakes not working due to a bad connection within the tank that was over looked when pump was replaced.
So the van is not shifting at all? Or just under certain conditions?

Is one or both of the brake idiot lights lit?
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