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Electric water pump

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Hey guys, I'm looking to dump my a/c and go with a single elec rad fan in the next month or so and was wondering if anyone had any experience switching over to one of these pumps or if they will even work. Would you recommend an alternator upgrade to cover the added draw of fan/pump combo?

PS: It's a 95 SLT Safari AWD 4.3 auto
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Mr_Bowtie said:
Not really sure how much MPG your going to save by that?
I wouldn't trade my mechanical fan for nothing! :D
Trade the mechanical fan for an electric one, in a heartbeat. Trade the mechanical water pump for an electric one, never. If anything was to happen to that electric water pump (or its electrical circuit), your engine is done and your stranded. I think you can find better uses for $400. :2:
zeke7237 said:
One side effect of an electric fan that bit me is there's much less airflow over the alternator .. at idle, pulling a 50A load (I do amateur radio stuff in my Safari), I melted it down after an hour or so :(

I ended up putting the clutch fan back on for now, looking at external fans to cool the alternator (or maybe a HO with pulley-mounted fan

Wow, I have never heard that one before. What kind of battery were you using when the alternator melted down?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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