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Engine lift or oil pan mod?

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So lift the engine with new motor mounts and rubber or buy an modified oil pan and motor mounts that use the stock rubber ? This would be for a V8 AWD swap in a lifted van 2 plus inches of body lift.
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Modified pan is pretty popular.
With the amount of body lift I have, I plan to lift my engine.
All my small blocks are pre-86 2-piece rear mains..
I don't see the trouble?
Am I missing something?
Works in my van
Yeah I finally figured out what the issue was in the other thread.. that the AWD custom pan was the issue. As I've said.. I will simply raise my engine and stick with stock pan when I do my AWD

Custom fab the pan, or custom fab the mounts.
With lift, I have a LOT of overhead room in my engine compartment.
Maybe by raising the engine, headers will fit too! Win! Win!
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