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Engine lift or oil pan mod?

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So lift the engine with new motor mounts and rubber or buy an modified oil pan and motor mounts that use the stock rubber ? This would be for a V8 AWD swap in a lifted van 2 plus inches of body lift.
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So here is why I went with the engine lift. This is a 4x4 lifted van
1. I did not want a hack( cut and welded) oil pan or spend $375 plus for an aftermarket that may or may not fit.
2. Headers fit not modifiacation at all, no chocked up exhaust manifold or grinding the manifold or frame.
3. No need for modifying any hoses, coolant or power steering.
4. Easy to get replacment rubber mounts, no discontinued OEM rubber or crap aftermarket.
5. Easier to work on, more room under and around the engine.
6. More ground clearance.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts