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Engine lift or oil pan mod?

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So lift the engine with new motor mounts and rubber or buy an modified oil pan and motor mounts that use the stock rubber ? This would be for a V8 AWD swap in a lifted van 2 plus inches of body lift.
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Hey guys, I'm back! It's been a year since I've been active, but I'm ready to start again.

Bigfork, u're in Montana right? Would u be willing to help me with my van? I could bring it to u, and I have money to spend. I have a 2003 AWD Astro, a 400 sbc engine - complete, a new 4.3 V6 crate engine, a 4L60e tranny with 90k miles on it, and a parts van with a hightop. The problem is that I live in Boz-Angeles and everything and everyone here is insanely expensive, and everyone else that is affordable is incapable it seems.

Musicman, I think about ya every time I go to storage and check on my 400. I am so conflicted with this engine. I would love to get it in, but I'm not sure how to move forward. I think I quit when this happened (see pic).

Today, I am just trying to figure out this whole motor mounts and oil pan thing! I have someone who wants to buy my 400 sbc, so I'm considering going the easy route and just giving up this whole dream van and putting in my 4.3 crate engine if I can't figure out if this 400 will work. I guess there's an issue with it being a 2 piece rear main, but I have no idea what that is, what the problem is, or if it can even be solved.

Then the next step is to get parts ordered and find a mechanic somewhere, preferably a fellow van fan.

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