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Engine Oil Cooler Lines

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My engine oil cooler lines are leaking. I have a set on order that I plan to install when I replace my leaking water pump next weekend.

It looks like it may be dificult to get the new lines installed on the AWD.

Are there any trick to R&R these lines?

I remember there was a lot of info on the old board, but that is not available right now.
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Where are they leakin at? If the leak is originating at a connection, it might just be a connection problem I was thinkin there were O-rings at the connections, but am not sure.
At the flexible rubber hose part as near as I can tell. The radiator connections look dry.
Hi JeepDaddy
I don't think their is an easy way of doing it. I pulled mine out from the bottom but first noted where the lines routed around before pulling them. With my 2 wd, I had to feed the new lines in from the top and worked it around from their. i don't know if you can do that with awd or not, sorry. Hope this helps.
i can tell ya, i opted to just disconnect my lines on my awd. there ain't much room under there. just take the adapter that your oil filter screws on, and kink over the lines. that's what i did. probably the quickest fix. as long as you don't need your oil cooler. let me know, i took lots of pics when i did mine.
The new lines are in. I replaced the water pump yesterday, so I did the cooler lines at the same time.

It wasn't bad at all since I had the upper and lower fan shroud already out. The came out and back in throuugh the top. Getting the little line-to-engine clip aligned was the hardest part.

I like the idea of retaining the oil cooler function. It comes as part of the towing package and helps keep the engine cool.

A friend of ours just replace the water pump in her Aerostar and it cost $1000. I think I just saved us some big $$.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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