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first fit of a soon to be v8 swap

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Just thought I would put this up and ask for some suggestions to ease the process.
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First off, Thanks for the reply too you all.

Yes the wireing harness is going to go in first as well as all front motor mounted parts, Ac, alternator, power steering.

Yes the front end, brakes, body mounts, flex hoses, etc will all be new and powdercoated as required.

The sub frame is going to be welded and plated as to a concern of structure, what with 361cid and 426.3hp.

Not sold on the tbi yet as we dynoed with an Edelbrock RPM Air gap intake and demon 650 carb.

Sure wish I had the ability to do the body and paint though as the mecanics I can do at work.

Again thanks for the responses...

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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