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Fixing "totaled" van--dutch door/bumper questions

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We've owned our Astro van since 2000 and sadly we were rear ended on the freeway last week. The insurance company will likely total the van even though it is only the dutch doors and the bumper which are damaged. I might cash out the van and then by it back as salvage if I can replace the dutch doors and bumper myself. The prices for doors seem reasonable at several salvage sites. Questions, if anyone can help: Is it correct that doors from 1995 on are the same and fit all models to 2005? How difficult is it to swap doors? What all do I need to replace bumper? What is the bumper "cover" as compared to the bumper? Any references for where to get used parts? I'm in No. California. Found a place in AZ (Auto Recycling Mall) that will ship doors for $100 and charge me $150 for each door. Anyone heard of them? I think I can replace doors and bumper for under $800 and the estimate was for $3800 (but also included much paint work and R&I work). Thanks for any help ya'll. I've owned Astro's since 1990 and they have done us well!
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Check here. I'd be surprised if a bumper/cover & all 3 doors were more than $150 - $200 (Virginia Beach prices)
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