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Has anyone recently add a front and rear view camera setup?
I just ordered a set up from Asia that replaces the rear view mirror with a 12"version that has split screen to see the front and back.
This the device I ordered:
HGDO D566 12" WIFI Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror GPS Car Camera 1080P Video Recorder Registrar
It is only $215 Canadian with shipping included.

When backing up the display shows your intended backing position.
Normally the device just records your travels.
Has other features like if disturbed it starts recording. Have to see how useful that is.

I will wire it up to overhead console which has a line that is 12vdc constant and a line that is powered when acc. or engine is on.
It comes with a bracket that slips over the existing glued on metal holder on the windshield that holds the "do nothing but look back" mirror.
I figure I will have at least a back up camera without ripping up or butchering the dash to install a screen.
So any thoughts anyone?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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