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front axle almost out but wont come free?

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hey guys
I am installing new front suspension on my van today and i put the new front axle in before the knuckle as it seemed like there wouldnt be room to put it in later.
now i dont have enough space above the axle to get a socket on the uca ball joint to torque it.

so i decided to try and take the new axle back out a different way and it slid to about the end of the stub in the diff but now something is holding it in.
any ideas whats going on here? i am worried.

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edit: i beat on it a little hard and it pulled
the stub out of the diff. now i need to separate them and reinstall the stub
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the solution ended up being to remove the uca chassis mounting bolts, torque the balljoint, then install the axle and mount the uca to the chassis.

so my order of operations for front end is
torsion bar into lca (loose)
lca to chassis
torsion bar into lca and xmember with lca hanging
knuckle to lca
uca balljoint to knuckle
axle into knuckle and diff
uca to chassis

sorry if that was obvious to some, not to me
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Many of us are our own worst enemy, you are your own best helper!👍🙂
lol thanks man. i usually get there in the end
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