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ok so i looked but didnt see any thing on this so ill just ask. i have a 94 astro but want a frount end off a 2000 will it fit on my van and what all do i need to replace with it or am i just out of luck.

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It takes quite a bit of time but nothing terribly hard, I will try to give you a run down for a parts list. If I forget something I am sure someone else will chime in.
core support preferably cut out 6" or so back so you can use the sheetmetal to fill in the gap at the top.
fenders and extensions
grill and emblem
headlights with backing plate and sockets, turnsignals, sidemarkers
bumper and cover as well as mounting brackets
not absolutely essential but much easier if you get the following
radiator/ac parts, cooler lines, and power steering cooler lines
coolant and washer fluid bottles
fan shroud
filler panels between fender and door (triangle shaped in front of mirror)
inner fender plastic trim
and of course as many of the bolts and plugs as possible
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