PN: SK911164, Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 12568582, 12576918, 2141065, 2145596, 8171133030, 8251804810, SKEGV514

I bought this EGR valve from Rock Auto over 90 days ago but didn't install it as I was moving to N. Florida. It is shown on their website as fitting my 2003 Astro 4.3L. I couldn't find it on my engine and learned from this website that the 2002 and later 4.3L doesn't have this EGR valve. It cost me $61.79. There is no support from Rock Auto to return it as it was purchased over 90 days ago.

Lesson learned, don't rely on online parts retailers for fitment, check the OEM part against the VIN.

I'll sell it for $45 OBO plus UPS or USPS shipping from the Gainesville FL area.
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