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First I wana say is that i used to be a previous member,but it seems like since i joined the army and havent been able to access internet, my profile has been erased. Now to the van problem! Rite before i shipped out, i was heading to a buddies house, going up the highway the van cut off on me. It sounded like i was out of fuel, it sputtered down. So i coast over waited a second cut it off and turned it back on and it started rite up! SO i was guessing i had bad gas. I got off the exit i pulled into the gas station as it cut off as i pulled in and it did the same thang.So i put premium in it thanking i had bad gas. So i made it to my buddies house, called a few friends,somebody said it sounds like my fuel filter is clogged. SO i replaced the fuel filter, at his place. As i started to limp it back home about 40 miles away it did the same thang to me about 6 times on that way home. And the it is its been sittin for about a year while i was gone. My dad would crank it up every so often. When i came home on leave i crunk it up and drove about 3 miles around the neighborhood, and she didnt act crazy or nothing. I wana take it to my new duty station, but im scared to drive it before i figure out the problem. SO HAS ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE AND CAN HELP ME???? (MY BEST GUESS, IS THAT THE FUEL PUMP IS LOSING ITS PRIME, OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT). b/c every time it cuts off it just spit and sputters like your running out of gas! Thanks for your help in advance.

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It does sound like a fuel pump problem, like low fuel pressure.
The fuel pump may be cutting out, or just losing pressure after running for a while.
Best to drive it with a pressure guage installed to see what is going on when it sputters.
I was gonna say the exact same thing check fuel pressure and check codes
ditto, and ur account was not erased the site crashed and was bought my astro-austin and he rebuilt it using new software. welcome back.
I'd be a little leary on that one.. the price is too good to be true.
Best to stick with Delco than to get burned with no-name aftermarket stuff.
it more then 1/2 the price of any i have found. :party:
just to let yall know i got that pump off ebay and she is running fine! i put about 1000miles on here still good! :jump:
I had a similiar problem with an 88 Astro, 4.3 V-6. It would run great but at times would shut down like the fuel was cut off. Sometimes I could back out of the throtle and go back on it and it would recover and run great for another 20 miles or it might not do it again for another 2 or 3 days.When I checked the codes/among them was the TPS/throtle position sensor. After changing out the TPS, the problem hasn't happened again and the engine runs great again./Baxter
I agree with gtkane... This is a job you only want to do once! Spend the extra money and buy the AC Delco part. Been there, done that.
seems like I have the same problem on a 96 safari ,just started 2 days ago but only when I make a left turn .its like Im running out of gas .
while the van still in motion put it back to neutral start it up end put it back to D . lots of fun I tell you all that :angry:
anyway what you guys thin on the bosch fuel pump?? ... 52&PTSet=A
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