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G80: Lock or not?

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My rear end has been binding during sharp turns, and when they took it apart at the shop today they found it had been filled with the wrong oil - something bright green (I just bought the van a few months ago). Anyways, they told me it's a limited slip posi with a clutch pack. I drive a 2000 Astro AWD with an RPO code of G80 and I was under the impression that this configuration was a locking diff. Is my rear not the original then?

As an aside, now my warranty provider (Lubrico) doesn't want to cover my claim because they say this was a "service" and not a "repair". Bastards!
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G80 is a limited slip diff, also known as a Gov-Loc.
It is not a true locker, because they are too harsh of an engagement for the averge owner.
The proper fluid is 80w90 gear oil plus a limited slip additive, or 75w80 synthetic gear oil with no additive.
I believe he's referring to the govenor pin.
Yeah, but if the govenor is buggered, it may lock up (or jam) at any speed, or not at all.
GM keeps changing their mind on weather or not additive should be installed. New bulletins come out every couple of years. It is all based on warranty claims.
It is generally understood that if an additive is installed when not required, it will not cause any damage, just cost extra $$.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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