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Gas spring/ lift support

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Where do you guys with dutch doors get your gas springs for the rear gate.

And what's with the wire hooked to them, door ajar wiring?

Rock auto has them for $14 with out the wire ,GM Monster parts online wan't $40 each for the OEM ones, I assume with the wire thingy :shrug:
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Realstar1 said:
Has anyone confirmed if you have to get OEM parts for the support lift that has the wiring for defrost (or whatever). I replaced one strut that didn't have the wiring and everything went fine, however for the strut with the wiring, the universal supports that I did purchase , don't match up.

Am I going to have to do one OEM and one after market strut?

The only wiring on the strut is for the dome light, see previous posts.The defrost circuit doesn't go through the lift strut, it runs under the plastic trim panel. :)
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