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I have a 2002 Safari SLT. The fuel pump stopped working. I have the tank almost out but can't figure out how to disconnect the plastic tubes from the fuel pump and the metal fuel lines.

Any ideas will be appreciated!

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I bought a new Delphi pump for $300 at NAPA.

I found that there are some "squeeze" tabs in color that when squeezed will release the "quick" connects. Once I found that out, the process was easy.

It is much easier to remove and reinstall the tank when empty. I did the job twice as I didn't install the float the first time.

The second time, I had some6 to 8 gallons of fuel in the tank.

I place a 15" x 30" x 3/4" particle board between the jack and tank. I unbolted the tank and lowered the tank with the floor jack. Part ways down, I disconnected the fuel lines and electrical connections then finished the final lowering. I then pulled the tank off the jack and board so I could work on the tank.

Reinstalling the tank:
I placed the tank in the close area of where the tank would go. I used a 6" x 4" block on each end of the tank to allow the jack to be placed under the tank. I placed the particle board between the tank and the jack. I had the tanks straps in their proper location then used the jack to raise the tank towards it final placement. I connected the hoses part ways up as well as the electrical connectors the jacked into it's final resting place for bolting.

I believe I could now change the filter in around 3 to 4 hours.

The tools I used:
Floor Jack
15" x 30" x 3/4" board for support between jack and tank
15 mm socket
6" 3/8s extension
8" 3/8s extension
flat screwdriver
3/8s ratchet
13 mm socket
7 mm socket setup to remove fuel filler pipe
Ramps for the front wheels
Stands for the rear axles
Empty fuel cans to contain siphoned gas.
Lots of patience

It isn't that bad of a job. It just takes time.

I don't believe the pump has been changed. I notice that the new pump is more noticeable noise wise than the old one. My van was a little harder to start for some 2 thousand miles before it quit working. It died once then restarted allowing me to drive around 10 miles before the final death.

I followed the advise of others and went with the OE version (Delphi) pump. I could have picked up one for $199 but felt possibly the OE one may be a better purchase.

Hope this helps.
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