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Gearbox problem

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Hi guys and greetings from the uk.... I have owned a Safari conversion van for about six months and I am loving it but am having a bit of a problem with the auto box ... its fine for a few miles but when it gets warm it starts to shift really hard from first to second. If I stop for a ten minutes or so the problem goes away in fact it shifts really smoothly then ;) then after a few miles it starts doing it again. Also when I have the problem if I accelerate harder it shifts ok but gentle throttle openings seem to make it worse.... any suggestions guys? Can anyone point me in the right direction to solving this? Many thanks Pepi :D
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Hi there, still trying to find an answer to my transmission problem... done a bit of trwling around this site and it seems a transmission flush might be the way to go. I enquired at my local auto shop about this and they were'nt aware that you could flush a tranny so i am in the dark a bit down that avenue... can anyone help as to who makes a transmission flush that i might be able to obtain over there?
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